We’re assisting our self-build client in West Sussex with arranging new utility connections for two new 4 bedroom detached houses. Minniedale Projects are coordinating the quotes and trench work for the new electrical and water mains to the plot. Dealing with utility companies can be very time consuming and confusing. We take on all the correspondence and meetings with the surveyors to save you time and money. We provide advice on the trench routes on your private land, input on who is responsible for each phase and what is required before the utility companies come to lay the new supplies. The utility company is responsible for laying their new pipework to your property boundary. They can excavate the trench on your private land but this can be very expensive. We often recommend instructing a builder to excavate the trench and make preparations before the utility company lays the new services. This requires careful planning to ensure the strict requirements are followed to avoid failed connection attempts.

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