Minniedale Projects are working with Elite Technical Services for the design of the whole M&E package on our clients new build project in Epsom, Surrey. The new build residential home measures 440m2 split over two floors. Part of the M&E package is considering the use of a Ground Source Heat Pump. Initial figures approximate the running costs at £680 per annum with an upfront installation cost of £26k using ground strings. The Renewable Heat Incentive of these Ground Source Heat Pumps is capped at 30,000 Kwhr/yr so this scheme is under the limit. Initial calculations expect the Renewable Heat Incentive rebate to our client to be circa £29k, so they will get back more than the initial outlay over the 7 years of the programme and these units are quiet and highly efficient. The plot we have provides sufficient ground area to install the strings at 1.2m deep and the initial model estimates a requirement of 3 strings depending on the final geophysical survey being concluded. Annual servicing of the newly installed Ground Source Heat Pump is around £194.00. Using professional consultants to provide accurate information and options for renewables is vital when planning any scheme small or large.